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(262) 821-5533

(262) 821-5533

(262) 821-5533

Flat Rate Evictions

Get Started Guide

Efficient and Convenient. We perform evictions in the Metro Milwaukee, Wisconsin counties of Milwaukee, Jefferson and Waukesha. Our flat rates Include preparation of the summons and complaint, court filing fee, process service, filing of affidavits, and appearance at first return date.

1. Contact us to Discuss Your Eviction (262) 821-5533

Every eviction has a different twist. Call us to discuss your particular tenant and we will establish a flat rate tailored to your needs.

Quick Service

2. Provide Information

No need to come to our office. Call us at (262) 821-5533 and provide the information that we need to start your eviction.

Please provide tenant(s) name, property address, rent due, rental rate, lease, and copy of any notice that you delivered to your tenant.

Experienced Attorneys

We handle all facets of the eviction process and get favorable results for our clients in Milwaukee, Jefferson and Waukesha Counties, Wisconsin.

3. Make Payment - Secured Online System

Our services require prepayment. You can make payment on our "Payment" page using our secure "LawPay" system. Your payment includes preparation of the summons and complaint, court filing fee, process service fee, filing of affidavits and our appearance at the first return date.


(262) 821-5533

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